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Open a window for the Brazilian market.

As you may know, our country has a huge emerging economy, with a demand for many products. For a foreign company, like yours, it is a bit hard to reach those potential clients, for few people speak English and it is not easy to be found by the potential buyers.

We offer you the possibility to promote your company in Portuguese, on a platform where it will have the chance to compete at the same level as a local supplier. You don’t have to wait for your potential clients to make an international search to be found by them.

Have your own site in Portuguese!

Quem Fornece means literally “Who Supplies”. This is an online search engine based on an extremely detailed databank, with more than 26.500 categories/tags of products and services that give very precise and efficient results of B2B suppliers of all sectors.

Over 300.000 searches are done per month and above 93% of the visitors come directly from Google, for we pursue the best SEO practices.

Our platform has been developed for the Brazilian market and is available only in Portuguese. However, due to growing demand from international companies, tailor-made support is also provided in English and some other languages.  It means we can help you to find buyers or representatives for your products or services within the Brazilian market.

A step ahead, the WEB INTERNATIONAL SERVICES has been designed to allow companies from any country to have an exclusive and efficient presence in the Brazilian market. It is a compact website, in Portuguese, fully integrated into the platform and in its regular searching system. It means that your company will be displayed in all results related to the categories that it has been registered in.

Our team will help you. You need only to provide the texts in English, your logo, photos, videos, and catalogs, and we will take care of the translations and the design. Within a couple of days, your site will be online! Of course, there will be a link to your original website too; as well as your contact details and of the distributor or the person responsible for the Brazilian market.

See an example of a website here

For any further information, please feel free to contact us anytime!

Best regards,

Leila Monteiro Schmidt
Managing Director
[email protected]
Tel.: +55 11 3280-9161
Mob./WApp: +49 11 98822-0389


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